Use Formatter with AI to automatically format data

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You can use Formatter with AI to discover formatting options right from the step you’re building. Describe what you need in plain language and Zapier will draft the relevant Formatter step for you. Easily reformat any data you need and save time from manual editing.


Formatter with AI is a beta feature. It's available for use, but still in active development and may change.


Add Formatter with AI in your action step

When you set up your Zap action:

  1. Click an input field.
  2. In the dropdown menu, hover over the field you want to map to.
  3. A Format data button will appear next to the field.
  4. Click Format data.
  5. In the modal window, describe what you want to format.
  6. Click Create step.
  7. A pre-populated Formatter step will be added to your Zap.
  8. Fill out any remaining fields in the Formatter step, then click Continue.
  9. Test your Formatter action.

When you return to the first action step, the Formatter output will be automatically mapped to the input field.

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Describe your workflow using plain language like “Change the date and time to this format: Friday, August 19th.” You do not need to use technical language. 

Learn more about using Formatter in the Zapier Community.

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