Use the power of AI to generate Zaps (Beta)

Easily use the power of AI to help you generate a new Zap. Describe the workflow you want and have a trigger and one or more action steps suggested for you. 


This feature is in open beta. It’s available for use but still in active development and may change.


Copilot AI-powered Zap builder


Copilot is an AI-powered chatbot that you can use to help you create and edit a Zap. It’ll create a Zap outline for you, then you can accept one or all of the steps it suggests. If needed, you can continue chatting with Copilot to refine your Zap workflow.

  • To begin:
    • In the bottom left of the Zap editor, describe your desired workflow in the prompt box, then click the send icon .
      • This will expand the Copilot dialog box.
  • In the chat window, Copilot will suggest a workflow outline.
    • To accept a step, click the plus icon next to the step.
      • If you already have existing steps in your Zap, the numbered step in Copilot will replace the same numbered step in your existing Zap.
    • To select all steps, click Add all steps to Zap.
    • If you want Copilot to suggest a new workflow, click  Replace all steps to Zap.
    • Copilot will prompt you to finish setting up each step.
      • Copilot will auto-select a connected app account if one already exists for the app used in a step.
    • To refine your workflow, continue chatting with Copilot in the prompt box at the bottom of the sidebar.
      • Copilot will suggest new or additional steps or prompt you to provide more clarifying information first.
      • Click the replace step icon  to accept a step.
    • To start over, click the clear chat icon .
    • To rate the helpfulness of Copilot’s response:
      • Click the thumbs up icon to give positive feedback.
      • Click the thumbs down icon to give negative feedback.
  • When you accept one or more steps, Copilot will automatically rename your Zap with a descriptive title if it does not already have a name.
  • Reopen Copilot at any time by clicking the Copilot icon in the bottom of the left sidebar.
Copilot prompt input box


Copilot suggestions after prompt submitted



You can enter prompts like:

  • When a customer makes a payment in Quickbooks, find the customer's open deal in Hubspot, then mark it as closed.
  • If someone posts in Discord, send me a notification in Slack.
  • New Google Sheets row > Send Gmail email.
  • Describe your workflow using plain language like “When X happens, do Y, then do Z.”
    • You do not need to use technical language. 
  • If you know which apps, triggers, or actions you want to use, include those in your prompt for better results.
  • You can use Copilot to:
    • Build a Zap outline for you.
    • Build your Zap one step at a time by continuing to prompt it to add new steps.
    • Add or replace steps in your Zap.
    • Edit previously published Zaps.
  • Copilot will auto-select app connections for you based on the following logic, in descending order:
    • Any app connection that matches the email address associated with your Zapier account.
    • Your most commonly used app connection if you have more than one for an app.
    • Any app connection that you have access to.
    • If no app connection matches any of the above, Copilot will prompt you to connect your app account.
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