Choose your Zaps' flood protection limit

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

When Zapier receives a large amount of data from a trigger all at once (more than 100 records), we have some guardrails in case those trigger events were received by accident. This is known as flood protection: When flood protection gets activated, we'll hold your tasks for you - so you can decide later whether you want to play them or not.

We think this is a handy feature, but sometimes you just know you're going to get a large amount of trigger data on a regular basis, and you really need your Zaps to keep running anyway. Now, users on our Company plan can adjust Flood protection limits on a Zap-by-Zap basis.

With this latest feature, you'll be able to decide how many new records can be sent to your trigger at once before tasks are held. Choose from the default account setting (100) up to a maximum of 1500 records. 

We hope this will help you keep your most time-sensitive tasks running! Learn more about rate limits and throttling in Zapier


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