Different field types in Zapier Tables

Zapier Tables has different field types that provide features like formatting data or triggering Zaps. 


Field name Features
Button Clickable buttons that trigger or continue Zaps.
Checkbox Clickable checkbox in a record. 
Date & Time Time and/or date field.
You can define the format and timezone for each field. 
Dropdown List of items that can be selected. You can create the list items or select a different table as the source.
Email Stores one valid email per record.
Link Hyperlink or hypertext field. Limited to 2,048 characters.
Long text Open text field with multiple rows for text entry.
Limited to 10,000 characters.
Number Integer or decimal field.
Limited to 7 decimal digits.
Text Open text field with a single row for text entry.
Limited to 255 characters.

Format numbers as a specific currency.

Select from one of the available currencies, and if it should show decimals or not.

Phone number

Format numbers as phone numbers.

Select from one of the available formats.


Store and validate JSON-formatted content. 

AI Field

Generate content based on values of other table fields using AI. Available on Tables' paid plans.


Learn more about creating fields and working with Zapier Tables.

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