Manually approve Zap runs

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Approvals by Zapier will be discontinued on February 28, 2023.

If you're using Approvals by Zapier, you can still create approval steps in your Zaps using Zapier Tables and Zapier Interfaces. Request access to both apps through our Early Access Program.

Approval by Zapier allows you to manually review the information within a Zap before other actions take place. You can select which information to review for each run.

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For example, a Marketing team publishes several blog posts every week, and they need to be approved by the Marketing lead before going through to the blog. By adding an Approval by Zapier step to the Zap, the lead can review the post and, if approved, it will continue through the Zap to be posted.

1. Set up your Approval by Zapier action

To create an approval process for a Zap:

  • Click the Action step, or click the plus + icon to add a step to your Zap.
  • Search for and select Approval by Zapier.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu and select Create Approval.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click the + plus sign to add a field from previous steps to the approval. This is like setting up data on any action step.
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When you test an Approval by Zapier step in the Zap editor, nothing appears in your approval inbox. Data is only sent to your approval inbox when the Zap is turned on.

Once you’re happy with the inbox content, copy the link to the inbox from the Zap or the inbox, to share it with anyone who can approve items.

When you use the Copy Link button, it will give you a unique link for the approval inbox. You can get the link again at any time, from the Approval by Zapier action step. This link is live for anyone to see, even without a Zapier account. Share it with others on your team so that anyone can make quick approval decisions from any device.

Optional: define the behavior for a thumbs down

You can decide how the Zap will continue, when an item in the approval inbox is marked with a "thumbs down". The field When Rating: thumbs down is clicked has three options:

  • Stop the Zap: this is the default. It will stop the Zap run with a status of Filtered. No other actions will run.
  • Continue the Zap: this will run other steps as if the item was approved. You can use Filter by Zapier steps or Paths to have the Zap act differently depending on the result of the Approval by Zapier step.
  • Raise a “soft” halted error: this is an advanced behavior. The Zap run will show as halted.

While an approval request is pending, you’ll see a Waiting status in your Zap history.

What should you add to each approval?

The information in your inbox should include all you need to know to make your approval decision. As you can only mark items with a thumbs up or down, having the necessary information ensures you won’t need to check the Zap History page for more details.

Things to keep in mind

  • Every Approval by Zapier step will have its own inbox with a unique URL.
  • It’s not possible to merge inboxes or combine them across Zaps.
  • If the Zap isn’t working as expected, you can reset the entire inbox by clicking the link More options… and selecting Reset Inbox (Link & Data).
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You can alert someone that their approval is requested by adding a step to send them a message before the Approval by Zapier step.

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