Manage your Zapier account email notification preferences

You can control which email notifications Zapier sends to you. These emails are sent to the email address you use to log into your Zapier account. They include:

  • Summaries of activity on your account.
  • Error notifications.
  • Email newsletters you’re subscribed to.  

Learn how to update or change your Zapier account email address.

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  • You cannot change email settings for account alerts, such as notifications about your task limit and billing-related notifications.
  • If you used your Google account to sign up for Zapier, the email address associated with that Google account is your Zapier account email address.


Activity summary

You can schedule how often you receive a summary of tasks Zapier has performed.

  • Go to your email notification settings.
  • Click the dropdown menu in the Activity Summary section. 
  • Select an activity summary frequency:
    • Never.
    • Daily.
    • Weekly.


Error notifications

You can change the default error notification rule and set custom notification rules for specific Zaps. Learn more about managing notifications when errors occur in Zaps.


Email notifications

You can subscribe to specific Zapier email newsletters or unsubscribe from all.

  • In the Email section, 
    • Select or clear the checkbox next to a Zapier newsletter to subscribe or unsubscribe.
    • Click Unsubscribe from all to stop receiving email newsletters from Zapier.

Your email notification preferences will be updated immediately.

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