Create a Zapier for Teams account

Zapier for Teams allows you to have a team with a single owner and multiple members. As a team, members share a pool of Tasks and all usage is billed under one invoice. Teams can also share Zaps and connected accounts to company tools and apps.

1. Create a team

If you don't already have a personal Zapier account, we'll create one for you and set it as the owner of your team.

If you already have a personal account, we’ll upgrade the current Zapier account you’re logged in with to a team account and set you as the team's owner, or you can go to Zapier's pricing page and upgrade your personal account to a team account.

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Team owners that create a team will not see an account switcher (unless they’re a member of another team) since their personal account was upgraded to the team account.


2. Enter the billing information for your team

We'll bill any usage from your teammates to this account. In your billing and usage settings, you can also keep billing separate from your contact information if you have a different person, such as your finance department, who should be receiving the invoices.


3. Provide a name and logo for your team

Your team's name and logo will appear in any invitations you send and in your team's account switcher. Since members can join multiple teams, it's helpful to name your team clearly and provide a logo so it's easy to identify.


4. Invite your teammates

  • Enter the email address for each person you want to invite to your Zapier team.
  • Invite one person or multiple people by separating emails with a comma or space.
  • If they don't have a Zapier account already, they'll be able to create one for free. If they do have an account, they'll be added as a member of your team when they accept your invite.

There's no limit or cost for adding a team member—to you, or the person you invite. You can invite more people to your team at any point from your account settings.

Once you've set up your team, you can share connected accounts with your team and share Zaps. And if you or anyone on your team has Zaps in a private account, you can transfer those to the team account. Learn more about data privacy in Zapier for Teams accounts.

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