Review Transfer details

The Details page provides information about your Zaps and Transfers. To see the details for a Transfer, click the three dots icon three dot icon next to a Transfer in Transfers and select Details from the dropdown menu.



Details information


Details for Transfers

On the main Details page, you’ll see basic information about the Transfer:

  • The name of the Transfer. You can also rename the Transfer here.
  • The user that owns the Transfer.

You can do the following for the Transfer:

  • To edit your Transfer, click Edit Transfer settings.
  • To run your Transfer, click Run.




In the Overview section, you’ll see information about the Transfer:

  • Timezone: the timezone that your Transfer is set to.
  • Published :the date and time the Zap was last edited.
  • Transfer Schedule: for recurring Transfers, the schedule that the Transfer will run on.
  • Transfer Filters: the filters applied to your Transfer that limit which records are transferred.


Task usage

  • The Run actions tab shows a graph of the Transfer’s runs in a given time period.
  • TheTasks tab shows a graph of the Transfer’s task usage in a given time period.


Transfer runs


In the Transfer runs section, you’ll see the status of each time the Transfer ran. You can click into a specific Transfer run to view the details of that specific run.



Change history


In the Change history section, you’ll see a log of when your Zap was turned on and off in a given time period.

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