Get started with Zapier's Enterprise Plan

Zapier's Enterprise plan was created to empower business and operations teams to automate without compromising on the guardrails that IT teams need. The Enterprise plan allows you to use all of the features of Zapier, without compromising on security and user management.

What's included in the Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise plan will introduce features such as:

Admins will also gain enhanced control with features like domain capture and app/action restrictions that make it easier to facilitate a confident and secure organization-wide deployment of Zapier. Similarly, the Enterprise plan includes SAML single-sign on, user provisioning with SCI, two-factor authentication, custom data retention, and more. 

These will can all be managed by a Super Admin that manages all Zaps, including private ones, and can see the Zap history and task usage for all Zaps in the account. This role is recommended for IT and Operations roles or for teammates who build and troubleshoot Zaps across teams.




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