Troubleshoot Zapier Manager

New Zap Error and Zap Turned Off only triggers after a long delay

If the New Zap Error or Zap Turned Off triggers only run after a long delay, check if you have autoreplay enabled. These triggers will only run after all autoreplay attempts are completed.

New Zap Error and Zap Turned Off doesn't trigger

  • Check if email alerts are enabled in your email notification settings.
    • For Send Alerts on Failed Trigger and Send Alerts on Failed Action, select Always or Only Zapier Manager [Trigger/Action].
  • If you're on a Team or Company plan, the error notification will go to the user who created the Zap that errored. The notification is not sent to the user who created the Zapier Manager Zap.

If you need further assistance with Zapier Manager, contact Zapier support.

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