View and save your browser console logs

In rare instances, after you've contacted support we may need to see logs from your browser's console to see how it is interacting with Zapier. Follow these steps to pull up those logs with various browsers.

1. Retrieve logs for Chrome

  • Open the main Chrome menu
  • Select More Tools > Developer Tools
  • Depending on which logs you need, you'll select the Network or Console Tab to get the logs you need.

Sometimes we may ask you to enable the DevTools for a popup window (such as when troubleshooting connected accounts). To do this in Chrome:

  • Open the Developer Tools as above
  • Navigate to the Settings page
  • Enable Auto-open DevTools for popups (don't forget to disable it when you're done troubleshooting!).

The Developer Tools settings panel.

2. Retrieve logs in Firefox

  • Access the Browser Console by selecting 'Web Developer' from the 'Tools' menu.
  • You'll then get the logs you need in a separate window.

3. Retrieve logs in Safari

  • In Preferences, select the Advanced > Show Developer menu in menu bar
  • Close Preferences
  • In the menu bar, select Developer > Show error console

Safari preferences panel.

4. Retrieve logs in Internet Explorer

  • Access Developer Tools From the main menu.
  • Click on the middle icon on the left side to get to the Console logs.

The console logs in Internet Explorer.

After you've found the logs, you can copy and paste or share them in a screenshot to support.

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