Common Problems with Instagram for Business on Zapier

I’m getting permission errors when using some of the triggers or actions, but other ones work fine

When you first connect to Instagram for Business, you have the option to allow specific permissions and access to Facebook Pages. In order for all Zapier features to work, you must allow all permissions for the Facebook Page you’re connecting. If you’ve disallowed certain permissions, some triggers and actions may not work as intended.

If you suspect this may be the case, you can edit your permissions.

I’m getting an error when using the Publish Photos action

There are 3 requirements for Publish Photos to work properly:

  • You must have a Business Instagram Account. This will not work for a Creator account.
  • The connected Facebook user must also have the Editor" or "Admin" page roles in order to Publish Media.
  • If you do have a Business Instagram Account and your connected user is an Editor or Admin on the Facebook page, make sure that you have provided Zapier with the proper permissions.

Why can I only tag 9 users in the Publish Photos action?

Currently, this action is limited to only 9 tagged users. Those tagged users will be displayed in a 3x3 grid from top to bottom and left to right.

The correct location is not being tagged

When using a “Location” field in the Publish Photos action, be aware that this field chooses the first matching result that Instagram provides. In order to tag the correct location, you’ll need to enter a specific location such as an address.

If you’re interested in a specific Instagram step to find a particular location more accurately, please reach out and let our Support team know, and we can file a feature request for this.

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