Common Problems with Lead Score on Zapier

Where does the information from Lead Score on Zapier come from?

Lead Score by Zapier is powered by MadKudu. MadKudu can provide much more detailed information about your leads, though they require a subscription to use their service. You can learn more about MadKudu's service here:

What is the "Customer Fit Segment" value and what are its possible choices?

Lead Score by Zapier labels your leads with segments simple to understand and to act upon. The possible values are:

  • low
  • medium
  • good
  • very good

Leads with a “very good” customer fit are usually seen to convert about 10 times more than leads with a “low” customer fit. This is useful in conjunction with a Filter step to get rid of any low-value leads.

Will I run into any usage limits with this app?

A user can only make 500 requests per month to the Madkudu application - if you go over this limit, then the action will error out. The Zapier backend logs will contain the exact date and time at which your usage will be reset so just shoot us an email and we'll tell you what that exact timestamp is.

If you find that you are hitting these limits often, then you may want to consider upgrading to a higher plan in Madkudu and using that integration:

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