Common Problems with Jira Software Cloud on Zapier

JIRA Software Cloud users seeing Your JIRA credentials are invalid

You're a JIRA Software Cloud user seeing the following error:

Your JIRA credentials are invalid, or have been temporarily disabled by Atlassian. Please log in to JIRA to verify access via these credentials. If you're using JIRA Software Cloud, you'll have to connect to our new JIRA Software Cloud app to continue to use JIRA with Zapier.

Previously, the Zapier app called "JIRA Server" could be used when you had JIRA Software Cloud set up on JIRA.

However, due to an API deprecation, the Zapier app "JIRA Server" cannot be used with JIRA Software Cloud any longer, as JIRA Software Cloud is no longer compatible with the Zapier "JIRA Server" app.

In order to continue to use JIRA Software Cloud with Zapier, you'll have to connect to and rebuild your Zaps with the integration specifically called JIRA Software Cloud. You can view that here:

Fields not showing up in Create Issue action

Check your Project to make sure the field you want to use is available.
Check that your user role has permission to update this field.

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