How to set up your Google Ads New Lead Form Entry trigger


How to add a new lead form entry into Google Ads

  • Click the Trigger step.
  • Search for and select Google Ads.
  • Sign in to Google Ads or select your connected account.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu and select New Lead Form Entry.
  • Click Continue.
  • In the Use Google Ads As dropdown menu, select your Google Ads account.
  • Optional: If you’ve selected a Manager account in the Use Google Ads As… field, the Managed Account dropdown menu will appear. If your lead form is in the Manager account selected, leave this field blank. If not, please select the sub account that contains the lead form.
  • In the Lead Form dropdown menu, select the Lead Form you wish your Zap to trigger on. Note only one form can be selected per Zap.
ratingStar icon Tip

If you don’t see your lead form in the dropdown menu, make sure it’s been saved in Google Ads.

  • Click Continue.
  • Click Test trigger to test the connection.
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It’s expected behavior for your trigger test to only return the sample data.

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