Common Problems with Amazon Alexa on Zapier

Alexa says: I couldn't find any zaps matching your trigger phrase.

Make sure you have a Zap created, turn it on and then try asking Alexa again.

Alexa understood when I said my trigger phrase, but couldn’t match it to any of my Zaps.

Make sure the trigger phrase Alexa repeated back to you was correct, and that it exactly matches your Zap. If the trigger phrase Alexa heard wasn’t quite what you said, then it’s likely Alexa has trouble understanding that particular sentence.

Alexa says: Sorry, I didn't understand.

Use a different trigger phrase in your zap, then try again.

Alexa is having some trouble understanding your trigger phrase.

Try editing your trigger phrase and repeating your new phrase again. It’s best to keep these as simple as possible eg. don’t use slang, avoid punctuation when possible. Alexa has trouble with some app’s names, so if your trigger phrase has the name of an app it’s best to remove that.

Alexa says: Zapier is experiencing issues at the moment. Please try again later.

Zapier is having technical difficulties, and should be back up and running soon!

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