Common Problems with Microsoft Excel

I'm not able to connect my Microsoft Excel account?

We only support OneDrive for business right now - as the Excel API comes out of beta status we expect to support any version of Excel online. Personal Outlook accounts do not work unfortunately!

Can I connect to MicrosoftExcel on my Desktop computer?

Unfortunately no - we only work with Microsoft Excel online (accessible from browsers) right now - and only OneDrive for Business accounts as well.

My Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet isn't available in the dropdown

Make sure your file has an .xlsx extension. Files with the .xls extension will not work.

I have multiple folders in my OneDrive account but when I go to set up my trigger/action I don't see any of them in the "Folder" dropdown.

If you have a bunch of files in your root folder, the Zaps tend to get those first in the response data when we're trying to populate this dropdown, with subfolders coming later.

To surface those folders, click the Check & Reload button until it says there are no more results. After a click or two, the folders should start showing up.

Errors when using custom values for Spreadsheet or Worksheet ID

When wanting to dynamically update either Add Row or Update Row action steps to create/update rows on different sheets or worksheets based on information from a previous step, it's currently not possible to do.

By selecting a custom valuefor a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or Worksheet this will result in an error code, where the spreadsheet cannot be found.

The only way to update Microsoft Excel data is to select the spreadsheet or worksheet from the dropdown in your Zap. This is currently an existing feature request, should you want to be notified if we are able to bring this feature to Zapier contact our Support team!

I can't pull in new sample data on my trigger

With the Microsoft Excel integration, you can only pull in a maximum of 3 samples.

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