Common Problems with Intercom

I'm getting an "Not authorized to access resource" error

This is an issue with permissions for your Intercom API Key. Make sure the API key connected to Zapier has both read and write access.

Some of my custom attributes are missing

In Intercom, you can have user custom attributes or company custom attributes. The New User trigger will only send the user custom attributes. Even though it does send some basic information about the company, it will not include company custom attributes.

New conversations aren't triggering

This trigger will trigger if a conversation is with a user OR if the conversation is initiated by a lead. If you're popping up an automated message that a lead responds to, then this conversation will not trigger the zap.

Another reason for a conversation not triggering is assignment rules. Unfortunately, if you have assignment rules picking up conversations, that'll stop them from triggering the zap.

Not all users are triggering my zap

If you have the Intercom Acquire product, it means some visitors to your site can interact with you via chat, before they sign up. Those are called "Leads" in Intercom and will use the New Lead trigger. If those leads then sign up, they are now users. However, they won't show up on the New User trigger. They can be caught using the Lead Converted to User trigger. Using these two together should give you all your "users".

Create/Update User action is creating duplicate users

The user has to match on both email and User ID, so if the user's email or user ID changed, a new user will be created. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. User does not exist. The Create/Update User action sends an email and User ID. A new user gets created with those attributes.
  2. User exists but does not have a user ID set. The Create/Update User action sends the email and User ID. The match is done on the email and the User ID is added to the existing user.
  3. User exists and has a user ID set. The Create/Update User action sends the email and User ID. If both match, it'll update the record. If either does not match, it'll create a new record. If you only send the email, it'll update the record.

My "Lead Converted to User" trigger is not firing

One reason why the webhook may not fire is because the User the Lead was merged into already existed.The webhook triggers when a 'Lead signs up to your app'. If the user record already exists, Intercom make the assumption that they already signed up and doesn't fire the webhook. However, if a lead is converted to a user that didn't previously exist, Intercom will fire the webhook.

My created company isn't showing up in Intercom

When a company is created in Intercom (via a "Find or Create Company" step for instance) it won't show up in Intercom's UI until a user has been associated with that company. This can be done via the "Create/Update User" action. Once a user has been associated to a company, the company should show up in Intercom.

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