Can't find the app you need?

Zapier connects with over 5,000 apps+, but there may be apps you use that aren't supported by Zapier. If you can’t find an app, you can try the following:

Ask Zapier to add the app

Let us know which apps you’d like to see on Zapier. Learn more about requesting apps to add to Zapier.

Use a different app

You can use a different app that has similar functionality. For example, if a form app you use isn’t available, try Google Forms, JotForm, or Typeform. You can use our App Directory to explore app categories.


Use email notifications

Most apps send email notifications when an event occurs. It might be possible to send these emails to Email by Zapier or Email Parser by Zapier, and then use content from the emails in your Zap. Learn more about sending emails to your apps.


Use RSS feeds

Some apps publish RSS feeds that update when an event occurs. You can use RSS by Zapier to listen for updates to the RSS feed and use that information in your Zap. Learn more about sharing data with RSS.


Use webhooks

Webhooks allow apps to send data to other apps in real time as events occur. You can try using webhooks to get data from an app that doesn’t have a Zapier integration yet. Learn more about using webhooks to share data to Zapier.


Build your own app integration

It’s free to use Zapier’s Platform and you can build a private app for any service with a public API. You can use our Zapier Platform UI to build an app without needing to code or the Zapier Platform CLI to have full code control. Learn more about Zapier’s Developer Platform.
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