Common Problems with PostgreSQL

Existing columns causing an error when using Custom Query

Double-check if your column names contain any uppercase characters. This will cause an error, as by default they are converted to lowercase. To fix your query, you’ll need to wrap the column name in double quotes.

In the example below, you’ll want to put double quotes around the column named myStatus.
SELECT id, “myStatus” FROM my_table LIMIT 50;

Some new rows didn't Trigger my Zap

When using the "New Row" Trigger, each poll captures the 50 most recent rows. That means if more than 50 rows are added in a polling interval (5 or 15 minutes depending on your plan), some data will be lost.

If you need to capture more than 50 rows at a time, you'll want to add them to your database in batches—no more than 50 records at a time every 5 or 15 minutes (depending on your plan).

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