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How to pass an email of a recipient as a field

PandaDoc document recipients data is passed in an array (Recipient Email/First Name/Last Name fields contain information about all recipients of the document). The best way to pass an email of a specific recipient as a field is to use the “Field assignee” field, which contains the email address of the recipient assigned to the field:

Approval workflow and how to use it

Using PandaDoc as an “Action” application, you can create and send documents for approval if a template has Approval workflow enabled.

The document will be created (document status is “Draft”) and if you set “Send Document” as “Yes”, it will be sent for approval right away (document status is “To approve”).

Create invoices using PandaDoc recipients in the PandaDoc <> QuickBooks integration

If you want to create invoices for existing or new customer in QuickBooks using PandaDoc recipient’s email address, you can do that with the Search step:

  • It searches for customers and creates invoices under their record if found.
  • You can create a new customer if their record doesn’t exist in QuickBooks. To do that, check “Create QuickBooks Online Customer if it doesn’t exist yet”.

After you’ve set all fields, click continue > fetch & continue:

  1. In case you don’t check “Create a new customer”. Zapier will look for the customer record in QuickBooks that you’ve specified in the “Search value” field. The step is considered successful if Zapier finds the customer.
  2. In case you check “Create a new customer”, Zapier will test creating a new customer. The step will be successful if there is no customer with such a name in QuickBooks.

How to pull products from a Google Sheet in PandaDoc pricing table

  1. Each line item should be separated by a comma in the Google Sheet
  2. Add an intermediate step into your Zap -> select Utilities -> choose text to line-item and select the field you would like to transpose into line items.
  3. When selecting fields in Product section at the PandaDoc step, select Utilities and pick your transposed line item details from there.
  4. You will need to add the Utility step for each line item detail (name, description, price, qty, etc) you would like to pass to a pricing table, i.e., there will be 5+ Zaps.
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