Common Problems with Filters on Zapier

Common Problems with Filters

  • If you have multiple filters and want them all to apply to each task, make sure to force them to use AND logic. You can create AND filters using the "Add AND Filter" button under each custom filter.
  • If you use the "Exactly matches" condition, sometimes that will filter more than you expect. Unless there are multiple values coming through for the field your filter is monitoring, you should use "Contains" instead to avoid that problem.
  • If you use AND filters and they are both looking at the same field, it's more likely that your Zap will be filtering every triggered task. Unless you are absolutely sure there is more than one value you need to filter for that field, multiple AND filters for the same field should be avoided.
  • The value field of a filter has a 255 character limit.
  • "Contains"/Does Not Contain" and "Is in list"/"Is not in list" filters are not case sensitive. "Exactly Matches" filters are case sensitive.

I want to do an If-Else/Branching/Multiple Outcome Zap

Multiple Zaps with filters are needed to create this workflow. More info can be found here:

I want to use multiple filter conditions with line items

If you have a set of line items like this:

Example of line items

Whether your Zap continues past the filter depends on whether you use positive or negative filter conditions.

  • Examples of positive filter conditions are “Contains” and “Starts with”.
  • Examples of negative filter conditions are “Does not contain” and “Does not start with”.

If your filter conditions are all positive

At least one line item must pass all filter conditions for the Zap to continue.

In the example below, the Zap continues because a single line item passed both positive conditions. The first line item contains both "apple" and "whipped topping".

Example of line items passing when using all positive filter conditions

If your filter conditions are both positive and negative or all negative

All line items must pass all filter conditions for the Zap to continue.

In the example below, the Zap doesn't continue because all line items didn't pass the filter conditions. The second and third line items meet both filter conditions, but the first line item doesn't.

Example of line items not passing when using all negative filter conditions

ratingStar icon Tip

You can use Formatter to convert line-items to text if you need to filter on all line items.

miscEye icon Note

The Filter action doesn't remove any line items. If you map line items to later actions, this will include any line items that didn't pass the filter conditions.

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