Common Problems with Teachable on Zapier

Teachable actions returning 401 - "You can't do that" error

There are two common reasons for this type of error:

Teachable plan type

  • Teachable triggers on Zapier are available on Teachable's Basic plan and up.
  • Teachable actions are only available on Teachable's Professional plan and up.

If the connected account is not on a Teachable Professional plan or up, the Zap will show a "401 - You can't do that" error when you try to use an action.

Teachable offers more details on the difference between plans.

The Teachable school name (subdomain) has changed

If you're on a Professional plan and still see a 401 error, check if the school name was changed after creating the Zap. Changing the school name causes the subdomain in Teachable to change.

To fix this, add a new connection for Teachable on Zapier.

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