Common Problems with Facebook Messenger on Zapier

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If you’ve updated to a Meta work account, you’ll need to reconnect to any previously connected Meta accounts in your Zapier account. Learn more about how to reconnect your account and prevent disruption to your Zaps.


24-Hour Messaging Window

Businesses have up to 24 hours to respond to a message sent by a person in Messenger when using standard messaging. More details on the policy are available on Facebook's doc.

I didn’t receive any information about the message sender

Facebook users have to opt-in to sharing their profile information, so it is only available some of the time. This is something that’s set on Facebook, your Zap can only get the information that’s available.

Here are some of the ways that users may opt in to sharing their information:

  • The person starts the conversation via a welcome screen and tapped the “Get Started” button.
  • The person starts the conversation by clicking a “Send to Messenger” button.
  • The person starts the conversation by sending a message.
  • The person starts the conversation by accepting a Page’s message request.
  • Your Messenger bot uses the askPermission() function of the Messenger Extensions SDK in the webview to ask for the user_profile permission.

Some cases where a user may not grant permission are:

You can find full details on Facebook’s Developer page.

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