Common Problems with Zapier Manager

New Zap Error has no information on a specific Task that errored

Errors are raised for Zaps not for Tasks. Although errors occur within the context of a Zap, it depends on the kind of error if we alert immediately or allow the apps some time to recover. Therefore, the Data Out for the trigger links to Task History filtered on the Zap and not a specific task. You may also notice that the node__params__* fields reflect the Zap's configuration and not the data as it flowed through a step (node) for a specific Task.

New Zap Error trigger isn't triggering despite there being new errors on other Zaps

Make sure to set up your notifications in your Zapier account to receive alerts. Both the Send Alerts on Failed Trigger and Send Alerts on Failed Action on your Email Notifications settings should be set to Always or Only Zapier Manager Trigger.

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