Common Problems with Digest by Zapier

Secrets and keys can only be 32 chars in length, value must be smaller than 25000 bytes.

If you’re seeing this error, check to make sure that the “Title” field on your Digest is only 32 characters long. You may also see this error if you’ve added over 25000 characters to your Digest. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to store more than that amount at this time. Try increasing the frequency your Digest runs releases or decreasing the amount of fields you send to the Digest.

How does the Trigger on Weekends work?

If you choose to trigger your digest daily and set the “Trigger on weekends?” to no, you’ll receive three days worth of digests on Monday.

How can I Format my content?

The styling of your content depends on the action app you will eventually be sending your Digest content too. Here are some popular apps formatting tips:

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