Common Problems with Microsoft Teams on Zapier

Error: "DataPostError: Problem creating Connected Account Test"

If you receive this error, this is because the Microsoft Teams Zapier integration does not support Microsoft Teams Free accounts.

In addition, ensure your Microsoft Teams account that you're connecting to Zapier is one of the following administrator roles: Global Administrator, Security Administrator, Security Reader or Privileged Role Administrator. More information on how to view your permission level in Microsoft Teams can be found here.

I installed the Zapier app, but the team I want to use is still listed as "Requires Zapier app to be installed"

If you see Requires Zapier app to be installed beside the team name in the Zap editor, it usually means that the app has not been installed for that specific team. To get the app installed:

  1. Open up Microsoft Teams and check the Teams tab.
  2. Find the team you'd like to use and press the three dots next to its name.
  3. Select Manage team.
  4. Click Apps > More apps to reach Microsoft's app store.
  5. In the search box, enter "Zapier."
  6. Click the dropdown arrow next to Open, then, Add to a team.
  7. From there, [Team Name] > General should be populated by default, but if not, locate it and then click Set up a bot.
  8. Go back to Zapier and refresh the Team dropdown menu in the Zap.

If you go through these steps and still don't see the message removed from the team, try reconnecting Microsoft Teams to Zapier. Learn how to reconnect your app account.

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