How to Get Started with Tumblr

About Tumblr's Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions: Requires Read and Write Access to Tumblr Account
  • Paid/versioned account: Any plan
  • Custom field support: No
  • Partner’s documentation: N/A

Connecting with Tumblr

Getting started with Tumblr is easy!


When setting up your Zap, all you need to do is click to connect a new Tumblr account:


You'll have the opportunity to name this Tumblr connection if you'd like. But that's optional and you can simply click continue.

You'll be asked to allow Zapier access to your Tumblr account, shown below.


After you click "Allow", you'll be redirected back to Zapier and if everything went well, you should see a screen showing Tumblr was connected successfully.


And you're set! You can continue setting up your Zap.

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