How to Get Started with Zapier Email Parser

Setting a Parser Mailbox

The first thing you need to do to get started with our Email parser is set up a parsing template. To get started with that, go to, then click "Login." From there, you can log in using your Zapier account:

login screen for parser

From there, click on "Create Mailbox" and you will be given a email address. Take an email you want parsed by the parser, and forward it to this address.

Send Email

Setting a Parser Template

Once you do that, the email should load into the template.


From here, highlight the parts of your email that will contain the data you want separated out, and give them names. For me it will be the Name, Email, Address, etc.

Template Field

Once you're done, click to Save the address and template at the bottom.

Finished Template

Congratulations! Now you have a Mailbox that will parse emails that are sent to it.

Mailbox Signup

Now that you're registered, you can click to use this app in Zapier!

Use in Zapier

In your new zap, use Zapier Email Parser as your Trigger, and you will see "New Email" pre-selected. Click "Continue" to connect your account.

New Email

Now, click on "Connect a New Account".


You'll then be able to log in with the Email and Password you just used to register, and that will give you the screen to allow access.

Allow Access

After giving the account a name

Name account

Congrats! You've now connected your Email Parser account and can now use any and all of your mailboxes from in a zap.

Using it in a Zap

Begin by selecting the mailbox you'd like to use. Then click "Continue".

Which Mailbox

The test is successful! Now let's check our parsed data. Click on "view your email".

Successful Parser

In the search box, type "output" to see what data the email parser has captured.

Parser Output

Click "Continue" and choose which app to use as your Action. For this example, let's use Gmail. Now it's time to insert your parsed data into the Gmail fields. Typing "output" in the search box makes it easier to find your data.

Mapping Parser

As seen above, you can type things and insert data from your parser. Let's repeat that for the email body.

Type and Map

When you're done filling in the fields, click "Continue" to see what will be used for testing.


Looks good! And that's how you use the Email Parser in a Zap!

Video Guide

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