Common Problems with WooCommerce

How do I use line items with WooCommerce?

To use line items in Zapier, you'll usually want to ensure that both the trigger and the action you're using have line item support on Zapier.

In Zapier's WooCommerce integration, the “New Order,” and “New Order Status Change” triggers offer line item support. If you'd like your Zap to iterate over each individual item in a product, you'll want to use the “New Line Item in Order” trigger.

If you want to learn more about how line items work, read our guide to using Line Items.

Zapier isn't getting notified of new orders or customers

If your site is in "Maintenance Mode" be sure to turn this off. This may block the connection between WooCommerce and Zapier.

Getting Invalid Webhook URL error when plugging the webhook into WooCommerce

If you're seeing this error when pasting the webhook into WooCommerce, this means that you aren't on the latest version of the WooCommerce Zapier plugin. You have two options for how to move forward:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of the WooCommerce Zapier plugin.
  2. Use a different format for your webhook. So instead of you can use This should allow you to pass the validation check on the WooCommerce side and should still work.

Duplicate orders are sent to Zapier using the new order / new line item trigger

A bug was introduced to the WooCommerce plugin around August 2016. Upgrade to the latest WooCommerce Zapier plugin v1.6.3 to fix this.

Orders are not being sent to Zapier

Make sure that both WooCommerce and the Zapier WooCommerce plugin are up to date. If you've got the right version, the cause is usually an issue of the WordPress site's built in cron facility not working reliably. The best course of action would be to go to and submit a ticket so that WooCommerce can help directly.

My Trigger will only pull Samples that are very old!

From Woocommerce's Team: "The sample data for the customer endpoint is coming live from the user site.

The default order is ascending alphabetically, so to have a new sample, the user needs to create a customer with this in mind."

Try creating a test record in Woocommerce with a name starting with the number "111" or the letters "AAA" so it appears at the top of the list, alphabetically. When you pull Samples, that test record should now appear.

I have a different problem/error

WooCommerce provides detailed documentation on known common problems.

I'm still having problems!

If you're having troubles with your WooCommerce installation, please submit a ticket to the WooCommerce team

If you're having troubles with the WooCommerce Zap, please send us a support ticket using this form

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