Common Problems with QuickBooks

How do I use line items with QuickBooks?

To use line items in Zapier, you'll usually want to ensure that both the trigger and the action you're using have line item support:

In Zapier's QuickBooks integration, the “New Sales Receipt,” “New Invoice,” and “New Payment” triggers offer line item support, as do the “Create Bill (Account Based),” “Create Bill (Item Based),” “Create Estmate,” “Create Sales Receipt,” “Create Invoice,” and “Update Invoice” actions and the “Find Product(s)” search.

If you want to learn more about how line items work, read our Guide to Line Items here.

Desktop Version

At this time Zapier does not support the desktop version of QuickBooks. We only support QuickBooks Online (or QBO for short!). It's not possible for us to access the desktop version, but converting to QBO from desktop is a fairly painless process.

Self-Employed Version

At this time Zapier does not support the Self-Employed version of QuickBooks Online. If you are currently on the Self-Employed plan and want to use Zapier, you can upgrade to a full QuickBooks Online account.

Customer Name Already in Use

Zapier uses the Display Name as a unique handle for finding customers inside of QuickBooks. If you attempt to create a new customer, employee, and vendor that reuses an existing Display Name you will experience an error.

Free Plan on Zapier

Because of the way Intuit bills for connections into QuickBooks, we're unable to provide this application under free or non-trial accounts. If you upgrade to a paid Zapier plan you will have full access to Zapier and QuickBooks.

Token Expired

Sometimes this happens because you change your password in QuickBooks, revoked our app's permissions, or the authorization expired (sometimes QuickBooks resets them). You should be able to just connect or reconnect your Account in Zapier. For example, in your account settings:

Reconnect your account.

Receive error: "There is no account associated with the item 'Sales'. Is it marked for purchase, and has an account associated with it?"

If you receive this error when creating items inside QuickBooks, try this:

  • Log in to QuickBooks Online and click on Settings > Account & Settings > Advanced > Automation > Apply bill payments
  • Uncheck the box "Automatically apply bill payments."

quickbooks screenshot

Business validation error/Deprecated fields

If you are running into issues with unsupported fields, you may be using an older version of QuickBooks. Zapier uses V3 of the QuickBooks API. If you are using a newer version and still getting this error please drop us an email and we can take a closer look.

Error: "The application has already been subscribed to by another user for this company"

If you get this error, you'll need to disconnect Zapier from your QuickBooks account, then try reconnecting. To do this, click on "Apps" from the lefthand navigation inside of your QuickBooks account, then choose, "My Apps", then, "Manage my Apps". Delete the Zapier connection and then try connecting your account through your zap again. If you continue to run into this issue, contact us and we can attempt to force delete the connection.

The SKU field isn't available on the Create Invoice actions

SKUs are set on the product and cannot be manually written to the invoice, so that's why this field is unavailable. If you select the correct Line Item/Product, then the SKU will automatically pull in to the invoice.

Error: Invalid account type: You need to select a different type of account for this transaction.

When using "Create Sales Receipt" action, the "Deposit To Account" specifies a deposit account where the customer's payment is deposited. For this field, QuickBooks' only accepts account types "Other Current Asset" or "Bank".

Error: "list index out of range"

This error means that QuickBooks tried to find a record but it couldn't. This has occurred previously for the action Create Invoice by Customer. When trying to find an email address here -

QuickBooks didn't yet have that email address on file and returned the 'list index out of range' error.

To fix this error, you need to add another QuickBooks step before this: Find or Create Customer. This will ensure that a customer record is created for QuickBooks to find in the next step.

Error: Business Validation Error: Select a product or service

Check to see if "Shipping" is turned on in the company's QuickBooks settings under the "Sales" tab. Switching that ON should fix the issue.

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