Common Problems with Highrise

Keep My Contacts in Sync

Right now Zapier doesn't have the ability to "merge" data that changes for existing contacts between different apps. For example, when an address changes in Highrise or in a different CRM, Zapier cannot download both records, compare them, merge them, and upload them both back to each app.

For the most part, Zapier just makes it easy to take new records and move them across to another app a single time at creation automatically.

Contact Name Matching

Many actions like Create Note for Contact, Create Task for Contact, and Create Deal for Contact ask for a contact name to identify the contact to relate the new item to. This should follow a "First Last" pattern, and if the contact is missing we will add them. It is advised to make sure your contacts all follow a standardized pattern for naming, otherwise you may experience duplicate contacts. Conversely, be aware that Highrise search is "fuzzy" meaning that names could be matched with partial text. For exampe, the name "Jo Smit" could match the name "John Smith".

Multiple User Accounts

If you have multiple users in your Highrise account, they will only see (and trigger) off the records that have permission to view. If you want to make sure all records in your Highrise account are available in Zapier, make sure that you use an API key from an "admin" or "owner" account.

My Zap Does Not Trigger When I Add a New Person or Company

Zapier polls Highrise for changes. Due to technical limitations, Zapier sees at most 500 items created in the last 24 hours.

If you create more than 500 items over the course of 24 hours, Zapier will not see item 501+. The 24 hours is a rolling window.

Not all tasks are triggering the zap

The New Task trigger will only work for upcoming tasks (tasks that have not yet been completed, regardless of whether they’re overdue) for the authenticated user. The authenticated user is the person whose account you've connected to Zapier. If you want to trigger off all tasks, you can create a separate zap for each user in Highrise. You can create one zap and then copy it and swap out the connected account in the trigger. To copy the zap, click on the down arrow on the right side of the zap from your dashboard and select "copy".

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