How to Get Started with Highrise on Zapier

About the Highrise Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions: If there are multiple users in a Highrise account, each user can only see (and trigger) off the records that have permission to view.
  • Authentication method: API Key
  • Partner’s documentation:

Connect with Highrise

The very first thing you'll need to do is connect your Highrise Account to Zapier, which we will require you to do as the normal path to creating your Zap:

Connect your Highrise account!

To complete the connection, we'll need two pieces of information: your Account and API Key. You can title or label your Account anything you like, it just helps you identify it within Zapier (especially if you connect more than one Highrise Account).

We'll need a little information to add the account.

The account is the subdomain of your Highrise account, you'll see it in your browsers address bar when you log into Highrise. The API key is found inside the account settings after logging in.

Grab the API key and account.

Now you just input it into your Zapier screen and click continue.

Just click continue!

Finally, we will add and test your Highrise Account to ensure that it is properly working within the Zapier ecosystem.

Success, we added your Highrise account.

Now you can continue creating your Zap.

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