Common Problems with Schedule

I need to trigger on only certain days of the week when using the "Every Day" Trigger.

To do this, you would want to set up a filter step after your trigger that looks like this:

Day of the Week Filter

You can then use the following numbers to correspond with the day of the week you'd like to trigger on:

  • 0 - Monday
  • 1 - Tuesday
  • 2 - Wednesday
  • 3 - Thursday
  • 4 - Friday
  • 5 - Saturday
  • 6 - Sunday

Can I Trigger a Zap Quarterly or Annually?

You can! To do so you'll want to set use the "Every Month" trigger, then add a filter step to ensure the Zap triggers less frequently. For example, if I want my Zap to trigger annually on April 15th (Tax day!), I add a filter so the Zap only triggers on month '4':

For quarterly Zaps I'll do the same thing, just add more filters with OR logic. So if I want to trigger a Zap every quarter (March, June, September, December) on the 15th, the filters would look like this:

You can make the month or the day of the month whatever you like, just tweak the selections in your filter step to fit your needs!

Can I set a time that is not on the hour using the "Every Day" Trigger?

Right now, you can only choose a time that's on the hour using the Schedule Every Day Trigger:
on the hour

You can add a Delay Action afterwards to hold the task for less than an hour. For example, if you want the zap to trigger at 10:25, you could schedule it to run at 10 and then "Delay Until" 10:25.

Note: because tasks queue, it is not guaranteed that the zap will run precisely to the minute. They should run within a few minutes of what you schedule.

Another workaround solution for this is to use Google Calendar instead. Simply set up your event recurring at your chosen time on a Google Calendar, then use Google Calendar "Event Start" as your Trigger.

event start at the trigger

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