How to Get Started with SugarCRM 6.2-5 on Zapier

The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Sugar CRM instance to your Zapier account. In the normal process of creating a new Zap we'll ask you to do just this:

The first item in the form is just a label. You can give it any name you like, it is just for your internal record keeping inside Zapier (it has no effect on which SugarCRM instance you add). However, you'll need to provide the correct Install URL, Username and Password. The install URL should point to the base path at which SugarCRM is installed.

For example, if you open up your browser and log into your SugarCRM instance and see something like then your Install URL is exactly

You should create a brand new admin account for zapier, that way we don't have a copy of your everyday password. Do not reuse your everyday login username and password. You may need to contact your admin to get a new account setup!

Make sure to name it something memorable (you'll need it in the next step!) and make it a System Administrator so it can access all the records you need to automate (alternatively, you could use normal access roles to do this but it adds another step and more complexity).

Be sure that you use a functioning email address, because in order to retrieve the password for the new account, you'll need to log into that email account. We recommend logging in just once under the new user to change passwords to something really secure like this website's password tool.

Then just enter all the data into the Zapier popup and click continue.

If everything works, we'll confirm that the test is good and you can continue making your Zap!

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