Common Problems with Xero

How do I use line items with Xero?

To use line items in Zapier, you'll usually want to ensure that both the trigger and the action you're using have line item support on Zapier.

In Zapier's Xero integration, the “New Payment,” “New Bill,” and “New Sales Invoice” triggers offer line item support, as do the “Create Bill,” “Create Sales Invoice,” and “Create Purchase Order” actions.

If you want to learn more about how line items work, read our Guide to Line Items here.

I can't connect my Xero account

The Xero account you're connecting with must have either Standard or Advisor level rights in order to use the Xero API, which is required for connecting with Zapier. Read-only, Invoice Only, and Cashbook Client roles don't have the ability to use the API.

My account keeps getting disconnected

This can happen if a second connection to Xero from the same account has taken place. If, under a separate Zapier account, you try to connect to the same organisation in Xero, this will replace the previous connection. To resolve, only connect your Xero account to one Zapier account.

Error: A validation exception occurred, The TaxType field is mandatory, Account code must be specified.

Non-US customers will often get this error when creating an invoice in Xero. To fix this, make sure to fill out a Line Account Code in the action:

Even though the field is marked Optional, Xero requires it in certain cases.

The New Payment trigger isn't finding all of my payments

The New Payment trigger will only find new payments created within the last 7 days. If you reconcile bank statements with unpaid invoices that are older than 7 days, they won't trigger your Zap.

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