How to Get Started with Harvest

About Harvest's Integration

Connecting with Harvest

To get started with Harvest, first click to connect a Harvest account in your zap.

Click to add an account

Next, you'll name this Harvest account. Note: This name is only for identifying the account inside Zapier, it will not automatically try to add a specific Harvest account.

Name the Harvest account inside Zapier

You should then get a pop-up window from Harvest. If you are prompted with the signup form, click the link to log-in instead.

Harvest Signup Form

The form should change to a log-in form.

Log in to authorize your Harvest account

After logging in, you are prompted with a window to allow Zapier access. Choose Approve.

Allow Zapier access to your account

After allowing Zapier access, you'll get sent back to your zap where you now have your Harvest account connected!

Your Harvest account is authorized

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