Common Problems with Facebook Lead Ads

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If you’ve updated to a Meta work account, you’ll need to reconnect to any previously connected Meta accounts in your Zapier account. Learn more about how to reconnect your account and prevent disruption to your Zaps.


Zapier is asking to connect with my personal Facebook account

Your personal Facebook account is linked to your Facebook Lead Ads Business Manager account. Any Pages/Ad Accounts that you've been assigned to in Business Manager are available when you connect your personal Facebook account.

I’m receiving new leads in Facebook, but my Zap is not running

If you have leads in Facebook that were received after turning your Zap on, but the Zap is not being triggered, these are the possible causes:

1. Check your account permissions

Check the Page, Ad Account and Lead Access permissions for your Facebook account. The account must have admin permissions for these three areas. Find out how to grant these permissions. Once the permissions are set, reconnect Facebook Lead Ads to Zapier to ensure the changes are visible.

2. Check if the correct form is selected

If you have changed the name of your form or if you created a new form, this can affect the Zap. On the Set up trigger section, re-select the form on the dropdown menu to refresh your settings.

3. Check if CRM access for Zapier is properly set

Zapier requires CRM access to your lead ads. This is usually automatically set when you connect your Zap, but it may be accidentally removed or revoked. To check if this is the case, you can use the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool.

If the tool reports a 103 error - CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager, this means that Zapier needs to be given access again. In this case, reset the Facebook Leads Access CRM permissions.

Once that's done, create a new connection for Facebook Lead Ads, to ensure the Zap gets the most recent set of permissions​​​​.

The page I want to use is not showing in my Zap

If you cannot see a specific page on the Page dropdown menu in your Zap, and you have the necessary Facebook permissions, you may need to refresh Zapier’s permissions. To do this, reset your permissions in Leads Access Manager.

The sample lead in my Zap doesn't have the custom fields from my form

If your form has never been used, a generic lead may be created with default fields. You can create a test that uses the actual fields from your form by using the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool.

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If you've already used this tool to send a lead you'll have to delete that lead before you can submit another one.

Existing leads in Facebook didn't trigger the Zap

The Zap cannot receive leads that were created before it was turned on. It will only trigger when new leads are received.

To import leads that were created prior to the Zap being turned on, you can download your Facebook leads as a comma-separated values (CSV) file, and then follow the import/export guide.

When I test the trigger I only see old leads

If your Zap only picks up old leads when you test the trigger, make sure that you have a specific form selected in the Form dropdown menu.

If no form is selected, Zapier will retrieve samples from your oldest form first. By selecting the specific form you need, the Zap can then retrieve the newest sample.

Facebook Lead Ads is showing "ad_id" as "0"

This can happen if the lead was sent through the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool, as those leads are not organic and are not associated with an ad campaign.

Facebook Lead Ads gives me the full lead name, but I need first and last separately

Facebook Lead Ads forms use the field Full name as a default. If you'd like to have first and last name separately:

  • Change the Lead Ads form to include First name and Last name fields, instead of Full name.
  • Or, if you prefer not to change your form, you can use a Formatter by Zapier step to split the full name into two parts.

When connecting to Facebook Lead Ads, I can see the page I want to use, but it’s greyed out.

If you cannot select the specific page you need, it means you need to be given permission to manage that page. If you are an admin of the Business Manager account, you can give yourself permission to manage the page. Otherwise, you can request permissions for the page through your Business Manager account.

When connecting to Facebook Lead Ads, the page I want to use is greyed out, but I have already requested permission.

If you have recently requested access to a page, the admin may not have approved your request yet. You will need to ask the page’s current admin to give you the necessary permissions.

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