Common Problems with Instagram

Some posts are being missed by Zapier

  • If you like a post on someone's account but their account is private, it will not trigger the zap. This is based on Instagram's privacy policy.
  • For the New Media Posted in My Account trigger, IGTV posts and reels aren't supported. They will not trigger your Zap.

How do I switch from Instagram (Legacy) to the latest Instagram integration?

Due to changes, Instagram has made to their API you'll need to reconfigure your Zaps using the newest version of the Instagram app. This will affect any Zaps made using the Instagram app before March 16, 2020.

If any of your Zaps are using the Instagram app labeled "Instagram (Legacy)" you'll need to update them to keep your workflows running beyond March 31, 2020.

Here are the steps for migrating a Zap:

1. Make a copy of your current Zap
Making a copy of your Zap allows you to view your current Zap as reference for the fields you've previously used for mapping.

2. Re-select your app
In your copied Zap, you’ll then need to re-select the Instagram app from the dropdown.

3. Reconnect your app
Next, you'll then need to reconnect your Instagram account to Zapier.

4. Reconfigure your Zap
Lastly, you'll need to remap out what data is passed onto your action(s) throughout your Zap before turning it on.

Repeat this for all Zaps you wish to migrate over to the latest Instagram integration.

Any troubles, contact support and we’d be more than happy to help!

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