Common Problems with Smartsheet

Zap is not triggering from new rows of data

If the Smartsheet connected to the Zap is currently active, new rows added to a Smartsheet won't trigger the Zap.

To trigger from these newly added rows of data, you will either have to:

  • Choose another sheet to make the current sheet inactive

  • Close the Active sheet

My "Updated Row" trigger is triggering way too many times

You may be receiving emails warning that your Zap is trying to trigger off too many changes. If this is the case, and you're using the "Updated Row" trigger, ensure that if you add rows to the sheet that you add them to the very bottom of the sheet and not the top or in the middle.

If you add anywhere but the very bottom, every row below it will change its row number thus triggering a change en masse.

"There was no data available to create or update a row in Smartsheet. Either the Trigger did not provide any data, or none of the Action fields were mapped to Trigger fields. Please check your configuration."

The "Add Row to Spreadsheet" and "New Row Update" Actions require that at least one field be filled out in the Zap. If you encountered this error while using one of these Actions, it is possible that during the configuration of the Zap none of the Action fields were mapped (by selecting a dropdown option) or manually filled with values. Alternatively, the Trigger may not have provided any data.

"Column ID was not found."

A Smartsheet column used in your Zap may have been deleted from the sheet. You need to edit the Action portion of your Zap to remove any data or mapping from the column in question.

I can't select my Smartsheet attachments or discussions columns.

There isn't currently a way to match file attachments or discussions for Smartsheet Triggers or Actions.

I am trying to get my Gmail attachment into Smartsheet.

There isn't currently a way for Smartsheet actions to receive files provided by certain Zapier file-enabled triggers (Gmail and others).

Not all columns from the sheet are displayed during configuration.

Columns that are locked based on your sharing permission level won't be displayed.

The dates copied from Smartsheet are off by a few hours or a day.

Date values provided by Smartsheet are not time-zone specific, so using Actions and Triggers that involve date values may not display the results you expect. You can use the Formatter app to modify dates and times as needed.

Updated Row Move Row action results in an error even though I'm passing the ID from Step 1

If you wantSmartsheet has two ID fields, one called ID and the other called OriginalID. You'll want to use the Original ID field for this zap. It should look like this:

Trigger sample results contains a lot of No Sample Data values

This happens when data has not been "Saved" in a Smartsheet row yet. To fix, enter some data in a row of your Smartsheet, then click the "Save" icon in top-left of the sheet.

I received a scary message from Smartsheet about TLS!

Smartsheet occasionally sends out messages regarding compatibility with their API. Zapier supports up to TLS 1.2, so we are compatible with Smartsheet's API!

I'm getting the error message of "Value is not supported for this column type. Use objectValue instead."

In your Smartsheet, make sure all the columns have "Allow multiple contacts per cell" unticked. It's not possible to add more than one contact record to a specific cell.

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