Common Problems with Trello

Not all activities are triggering my zap

If you're using the New Activity or New Comment in Card triggers, you'll need to select a board to monitor. Not selecting a board means that only activities (or comments) that were created by you will be triggered. With a board selected, all activities and comments will trigger the zap.

Recurring Cards

Trello doesn't do a super great job with recurring cards, but Zapier does have the ability to help with the creation of recurring cards. For more info on the process, check out this link:

Clickable URLs

For Trello New Card triggers, we provide the clickable URL directly. However, if you use New Activity or you will need to look for Data Card URL or similar. This will vary based on what sort of item triggers the activity. For example, cards vs. comments vs. checklists all generate activity, but have the clickable URL on different labels. New Notification doesn't give you a direct URL, so you will have to build it yourself.

Private and Public Boards

Zapier supports both private and public Trello boards.

Not triggering on New Card when the Zap is looking for new cards on ANY board

If you are trying to trigger on new cards across all boards on your Trello account, you will need to be a member on those cards in order for the Zap to pick them up. Alternatively, you'll need to build a zap for each board you want to trigger new cards off of.

Error 429 - Rate limit exceeded

In rare cases, Trello actions can run into Trello's API limits, which are 300 calls every 10 seconds. If you see an error like this, if you're able to have fewer items trigger at once that will help. Also, adjusting your zap so that it uses fewer items that result in extra API calls, like due dates and checklist items, can help avoid that error.

Error: Invalid Value for Value

This error message can happen if you set a custom text value in the Label field. Changing it to a default color from the dropdown should solve the issue. If you want to dynamically set the label, you'll need two extra steps:

  • Find/create label (searching on the label name from a previous step)
  • Add label to card

I'm getting an error when trying to move my card to a different list

The current "Move card to a different list" action only works for moving between lists on the same board. You can't move a card to a different board, but you can create a card on a different board that has the same name and description.

My Zap is creating Trello cards on the wrong board!

This can happen if you have lists with the same names across multiple boards. To solve this, make sure to always reselect both the board name and the list name in the zap editor if you copy a zap.

Search is returning the wrong card

Searching for a card in Trello via Zapier works the exact same way as searching for a card manually in Trello using the search bar:

Trello has some special operators that it uses for search. You can use them in your search via Zapier to look up a card.

Can I use fields from Trello Power Ups in a Zap

For now we aren't able to get to Trello Power Up fields in triggers or actions, so that info isn't accessible in a zap.

Not triggering on Card Moved to List when a card is moved from another board

When you move a card from a board into another board, it's considered a "New Card" by Trello. The "Card Moved To List" trigger only works when a card is moved from one list to another, inside the same Board.

I want to find a card in Trello by something other than its name

The Find Card action supports advanced querying, just like Trello's search bar does. Here are the options you can use to search:

So you can use different search options like this in your action:

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