Common Problems With Wufoo

(403) You have reached the maximum number of integrations allowed for this form

This error from Wufoo happens when you have too many zaps for a particular form. Fear not though, switching to the "New Entry (poll)" trigger will eliminate that concern. Alternatively, you could add multiple actions to a single zap instead of creating multiple zaps using the same form as your trigger.

"Sorry, but this form is limited to one submission per user." error when using Create Entry action

The "Allow only one entry per user" setting in a Wufoo form only allows one entry per IP address. When using this action, the sender IP address is Zapier's, and sometimes it's going to be the same. Please try to disable this setting at Edit form -> Form Properties.

HTTP 421: You have exceeded your daily API usage. Try using our webhooks or create extra users to distribute the load.

If you are using the trigger "New Entry (poll)" for multiple Zaps, it's entirely possible to hit your Wufoo API limits. There are two potential solutions.

1. Switch to using the "New Entry" trigger.

This avoids using the Wufoo API altogether. However, if you are having problems with 403 Errors this is likely not a good solution for you. Instead check out option 2 below.

2. Create a New API User in Wufoo

Each user in Wufoo has their own API keys. Creating a new user lets you use their API key for some of your Zaps to reduce the load on the other API key. To make this work, create a new user in Wufoo by navigating to the users tab inside of your logged in Wufoo account.

Users in Wufoo

Once you have a new user created in Wufoo. Navigate to your connected accounts inside of your logged in Zapier account.

Select "connect a new account" in the top right and pick Wufoo.

Wufoo Account

When prompted, fill in the credentials for the user you just created in Wufoo. DO NOT use the credentials for your old account. This must use the new credentials.

Now when you create Wufoo Zaps using the "New Entry (poll)" trigger make sure that half use your original connected Wufoo account and half use the newly connected Wufoo account.

410 WebHook Error Code

This is usually due to an old webhook for an old zap pointing to Zapier in a way that it didn't expect. However, it is quite easy to fix! First, turn Off all zaps for the form that is causing the issue, then visit the notification settings for your form. You may see some items like this:

If so, simply delete anything with a WebHook URL (don't worry, as soon as you turn your zaps On we'll recreate anything we need to!). Now, go and turn On every zap for that form. Everything should be good to go now!

Multi-select or Checkbox Fields Not Working

Currently, multi-select and checkbox fields are not supported by Zapier.

"402: Payment Required" error

A paid Wufoo plan is required to integrate with Zapier. Please see further details on the Wufoo page here:

My Submissions are not triggering my Zap

If for some reason the Zap is not seeing new form entries, you'll need to try the following:

  1. Pause your zap by switching the toggle to "Off"
    SNT 1
  2. Head to the notification settings for your Wufoo form
    SNT 2
  3. Delete Zapier webhook notification
    SNT 3
  4. Turn zap back on and test again

My Zap is triggering from the wrong form (or multiple forms)

When you duplicate a form in Wufoo, that also duplicates any webhook notifications. Since that's what your Zap uses, you'll end up with two different forms pointing to the same Zap.

Most likely, you'll need to:

  1. Go to the notification settings for the Wufoo form which should not be sending to Zapier.
  2. And remove the Zapier webhook from there.

If you're not sure, contact our support team and we can double-check for you!

Timezones on Webhooks

If you are using a webhook for Wufoo, they can't use your timezone settings from your account. Times will be based instead on their server time which is PST. If you need to adjust any date/time fields, you can use our Modifier options to adjust your results or add a Formatter step to your zap to adjust the date/time.

Admin fields are missing on the New Entry trigger

Data in fields that are marked as “Admin Only” are not returned via the API. However, data from “hidden” and encrypted fields will be shown, so you can change the fields to be hidden if you need this information.

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