Common Problems with Asana

I'm not seeing my Project in the drop-down menu

If you're not seeing your Project listed, search for the project name in the field and click the "Check Asana & reload to bring in new choices" option:

Projects are loaded from Asana 25 at a time so if you have a large number of projects in your account it might require more than one click in order for it to show up:

I want to trigger on all tasks from all projects within a workspace

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do this via Asana's API. One workaround is to use the "Tag Added to Task" Trigger, then add that Tag to each Task you want to trigger on in Asana.

It's an extra step, but will save you from having to create a zap per project!

Error message: Project: Unknown Object

If you get this error, the project you were using with Asana has likely been deleted. To fix this, go edit your Zap and select an existing project from your project dropdown for Asana.

My new projects aren't triggering my zap

Unfortunately, the New project trigger does not work for accounts with more than 1,000 projects. You'll need to clear out some old projects from your account to use this trigger.

I can't find the tasks created via my "Create Task" action.

While you can create tasks that don't have an assignee or project, those tasks are often difficult to find in Asana without searching for them. Only tasks that are assigned to you will appear in your My Tasks. Similarly, if a task does not belong to a project, it will not appear in any projects.

We generally recommend that the Zap create the tasks with an assignee, or within a specific project. This way the task will be located within your My Tasks or the project when it is created.

My Zaps are turned off

If zaps are turned off with this error message:

error message

try moving completed tasks into another project.

This error can happen when you have a very large number of completed tasks in a project. Asana's
API does not support filtering out completed tasks with pagination in the way Zapier expects.
Our best recommendation is to move completed tasks to another project if possible. That should
keep the number of incomplete tasks low enough for your zap to function properly.

This error can happen in the following triggers: "New Task in Project", "New Subtask", "Completed Task in Project".

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