Common Problems with Zendesk Sell on Zapier

What plan levels of Zendesk Sell allow access via Zapier?

Zendesk Sells's Zapier integration is only available on our Professional, Enterprise, and Elite plans.
Note: this Zapier integration can be used with a free trial.

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Some of My Records Are Missing

This is not uncommon - usually, this is a user permissions issue and you might not have permission to view the records in question. Read this Zendesk Sell help document to sort it out:

Not All of My Contacts Triggered the Zap

Zendesk Sell sends up to 500 contacts at a time, so if more contacts are added between the zap running, they'll be missed. If you're trying to add a large number of contacts, add 500 at a time and manually run the Zap in between.

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