Common Problems with Twitter

I get an error "Unable to create tweet, duplicate of existing tweet detected" when using the Create Tweet or Create Image Tweet actions

Before posting updates to Twitter, a Zap will first check that the same post hasn't been made by any Zaps under the same Zapier user's account. The error message means that the same status was posted by either the same Zap or another Zap. Twitter has strict policies on automation and the use of multiple accounts as detailed in this post

Using Zapier as a Twitter Auto-Responder

A Zap that auto-responds to search mentions is a violation of Twitter's policies for automation.

Twitter’s policy doesn’t allow replies or mentions in response to search mentions. If your Zap has a Search Mention trigger and an action that sends a Tweet to that user’s @username, the Tweet will be posted but the @ will be removed.

Twitter’s policies for automation don't allow @replies in response to search mentions. Here’s a link that discusses Twitter’s policies for using automations with their platform:

Do I include the "@" symbol?

The User Tweet, Favorited Tweet, and New Follower triggers will all ask for a 'Username' when setting up that trigger. You can specify the username with the preceding "@" or not. Both formats (e.g. '@zapier' or 'zapier') will work correctly.

Excluding Retweets from Search

If you do not want retweets to be included as part of your twitter Zap, you can add the following filter to exclude them from search:

Retweeted Status User Name | Does Not Exist


You can read more about adding custom filters to your Zap here.

'Received response with content-encoding: gzip, but failed to decode it.', error('Error -2 while decompressing: inconsistent stream state' Error

This error occurs when a URL isn't a direct URL of an image/does not have an image file extension is sent to be the 'Image URL' for a Tweet. Make sure what you're passing into the Image field is a file object or a publicly accessible URL of an image.

Tweets that shouldn't meet the search criteria trigger my Search Mention zap

The Twitter Search Mention trigger doesn't work exactly like the native search within Twitter. You can get more info on how the search function works from Twitter here. If you want to modify the way the search works, you can use the Query Operators outlined in this link to limit the results.

I'm getting a "Status is over 140 characters" error even though my status is not that long

Twitter counts each link and photo as 24 characters, leaving only 116 characters for your status. For example, if you have an image tweet with no links, you'll need to shorten the tweet content to be 116 characters or less in order for Twitter to accept it.

This characters_reserved_per_media number changes occasionally, but you can always check to see the current character number reserved for each link/image.

I'm getting a "You aren't allowed to add members to this list" error

This error indicates an issue with how many users you're trying to add to a list in a short span of time. Twitter reports that posting and update limits are adaptive and may vary at times of high traffic, or if the system suspects that something suspicious is going on, so we can't give a definitive answer as to how many additions in 15 minutes (15 minutes is the standard rate limit window for most operations on the Twitter API) will cause you to see this error. What we typically recommend is adding a filter step to your Zap, if possible, to make the criteria for adding a user to the list more selective.

Trigger test isn't pulling a Tweet matching my trigger criteria

There are two possible reasons why this might happen:

  • The Twitter Search API searches only returns Tweets published in the past 7 days, so older Tweets won't come through to Zapier
  • If the Tweet was posted by a private account, Zapier isn't able to capture it

What types of files are supported when creating a Video/GIF tweet?

Videos and GIFs must be less than or equal to 15MB. Supported formats commonly used include .mp4 and .mov for videos and .gif for GIFs.

Note: Twitter may not accept media in a supported format if it does not meet the required specifications. You can learn more about the specifications and recommendations in Twitter's Media Best Practices documentation.

Liked Tweet isn't triggering

New Liked Tweet will only trigger on the 20 most recent Tweets for that user

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