Common Problems with Facebook Pages

I can't see any pages in the dropdown selector!

If your pages are empty, that is a Zapier + Facebook permissions issue! To fix:

  1. Go to and search for or scroll down to Zapier.
  2. Click the "edit" button and look, does Zapier have permissions to see pages? It should look like:
    Facebook Permissions
  3. If pages permissions are missing, just click the "remove app" link:
    Remove the app from Facebook
  4. Go to and add/reconnect Facebook Pages again and click allow/yes for all permission screens.

Start using your new connection with all the pages included!

Can I use Facebook Groups with Zapier?

Yes, we have a separate app for Facebook Groups at

Why Can't I Post from My Personal Facebook account?

Since August 2018, it is not possible for apps like Zapier to create posts on Facebook personal timelines.

Error: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user

While a rather technical and jargon-filled message, usually all this means is that a page wasn't selected from the field dropdown. Skim back over your form to be sure you have selected a page.

Why are my Facebook Pages posts not showing up properly?

The Facebook page post will output differently depending on the Action you use and the combination of fields you setup in the Action template. Here's a handy guide showing the output of your Zap depending on how it was set up:

Create Page Photo Action

When you use the Facebook Page "Create Page Photo" Action, the resulting post will include a photo and a description of your choice.

Create Page Photo Action Input

Create Page Photo Action Output

Create Page Post Action with link url

When you use the Facebook Page "Create Page Post" Action and include a link url, the resulting post will include a message of your choice. The photo will automatically be pulled by Facebook. The photo will be a clickable link that you've set in the Link URL.

Create Page Post Action without picture url but with link url output

The image pulled would depend on the following factors:

  1. Facebook will first look at the link for Facebook’s OG (Open Graph) tags
  2. If #1 fails, it will scrape the page for another better link. Facebook will favor bigger images with a rectangle ratio.

Images that Facebook prefers:

  • For high-res displays, use images that are at least: 1200 x 630
  • The minimum recommended image size is 600 x 315
  • Images smaller than 600 x 315 will be displayed, but thumbnail will be smaller
  • The absolute minimum image size is 200 x 200
  • Images under 200 x 200 will not be displayed and are logged as errors in the debugger.
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