How to Get Started with Trello on Zapier

About Trello's Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions - You don't need extra permissions to access any Trello resources, but some things won't trigger/appear if you haven't joined the board you need, so make sure you've done that!
  • Paid/versioned account - Any plan (free or paid) and any version of Trello can access the integration.
  • Custom field support - Yes for some triggers/actions/searches: New Card, Card Moved to List, New Activity, Create Card, Update Card, and Find Card.

Connecting with Trello

The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Trello account to Zapier so we can start:

Connect your Trello account to Zapier

Trello will now ask for you to confirm via a popup, just click Allow (and login if it asks you to login!).

Allow Zapier to access your Trello data

After you login and permit Zapier access, you should return to Zapier after a moment. We'll then test the connection to make sure everything is set up properly. After that, just continue on down!

Account is added and tests fine!

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