How to Get Started with Toggl

About Toggl

  • Admin/owner permissions: The New Time Entry trigger is only able to pull in Time Entries from the authenticated user - not all users in that Toggl account.
  • Paid/versioned account: You must be on the Pro plan in order to use Toggl with Zapier.
  • Partner’s Documentation

Getting Started with Toggl

To get started with Toggl, first click to add a Toggl account in your zap.

Connect Toggl to Zapier

Then, you'll need to name your Toggl Account on Zapier and provide your Toggl API Key.

The name field is only for identifying your Toggl Account inside Zapier. It can be whatever you want. This is helpful if you need to connect multiple Toggl accounts to Zapier.

You can find your Toggl API key by navigating to the bottom of your Toggl profile page.

Name Toggl Account and API Key

Toggl API Key in Toggl

Finally, click continue and you'll have your Toggl account connected to Zapier.

Success connecting Toggl

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