How to Get Started with Basecamp 2

The first thing you'll need to do after selecting a Trigger and Action is connect your Basecamp 2 account to Zapier.

First, click to connect a brand new Basecamp 2 account to Zapier. Inside the Zap editor, this might be a large orange button.

Connect Basecamp Step 1

Basecamp 2 makes it super-simple to connect to Zapier. The only option here is to label your new connection, if you'd like. This label is only used inside of Zapier.

Connect Basecamp Step 2

You should now see a new window appear, asking for your permission such that Zapier can access your data inside Basecamp 2.

Connect Basecamp Step 3

Clicking the green "Allow" button finishes the process! Your Basecamp 2 account is now connected to Zapier.

Connect Basecamp Step 4

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