How to Get Started with ActiveCampaign

About ActiveCampaign's Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions - You don't need a certain role in order to use ActiveCampaign. However, users can have the following areas restricted, which may result in those areas not showing up in Zaps: Lists, Campaigns, Contacts, Subscription Forms, Templates, Reports, and Deals (applies to Small Business and Enterprise only). The ability to restrict user permissions is only available to Plus, Professional, Enterprise and Trial accounts only.
  • Paid/versioned account - All of ActiveCampaign's paid plans (Lite, Plus, Professional, Enterprise) work for all Zapier integrations.
  • Custom field support - For the most part custom fields are supported. However, in certain Actions such as "Find Contact" and "Create Deal", custom fields are not supported or returned.
  • Partner documentation - May be found here.

Connecting with ActiveCampaign

To get started with ActiveCampaign, first click "Connect an ActiveCampaign Account" button on step 2 of your Zap.


How to get your Active Campaign API key

The form will ask you for your API URL and key, which can be found in the settings section of ActiveCampaign.


You can also type "api" into the search bar to find the section right away.


You'll find your API URL and key in the Developer section.


Paste your API URL and key into the appropriate fields:


You should then see a successful message saying you are connected!


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